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Woodson Roddy
Missouri illustrator, painter, gunsmith, boat builder & carver

Woodson Roddy of Clinton, Missouri ranks high on the list of individuals whose gunning decoys are prized by collectors as well as waterfowlers. In addition to decoy carving, Roddy has exhibited skills as an illustrator, painter, gunsmith and boat builder. His preferred woods for the working decoys in the past few years have been western red cedar for the bodies and basswood for the heads. Roddy uses acrylics to paint his decoys and spends time painting the primary and tertial feathers. He tucks the wings of his gunning decoys under flank feathers so they appear realistic from the air. With his painstakingly painted decoys have dried, Roddy seals them with marine apoxy; after it soaks in and dries, the decoys are virtually unbreakable.

For the complete story, please see the Sept./Oct. 1998 issue of Decoy Magazine.

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