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Tidbits Main Archive

Tidbits is a compilation of articles edited for our website. If you would like to read the complete article, you can order the issue in which it appears. The specific issue for each tidbit is listed at the end of the article. Please note that not all back issues may be available; please call for availability.

Article Name (in alpha. order) Issue
George Bell September/October 2001
Jess Blackstone July/August 2001
Walter Bush and the Greene Collection May/June 2001
The Cockeys of Kent Island January/February 2000
Collecting Miniature Wildfowl Decoys January/February 2003
Jay Cooke November/December 2002
John Dawson January/February 2002
Early Decoy Days
The recollections of Joe French
March/April 2002
Marcel Dufour January/February 2003
John English March/April 2000
William Ethington July/August 2001
The Faue Brothers May/June 1998
Otto Garren January/February 2001
Edson Gray July/August 2001
Owen Gromme November/December 2001
Miles Hancock September/October 2000
Harris Wild Duck Decoys November/December 2001
Jess Heisler March/April 2001
Mandt and Ferd Homme September/October 1998
The Huff Family of East Long Branch July/August 2002
In Memory Of...
Jamie Reason's memoriam to Sept. 11, 2001
March/April 2002
John Jarosz September/October 2002
Charlie Kovacs July/August 1998
Bud Kromer March/April 2002
Arnie Krueger November/December 2001
Mike Lashbrook July/August 1998
William P. "Capt. Dick" Marshall September/October 1998
Dr. James M. McCleery Auction January/February 2000
McCleery's Sporting Collectibles March/April 2000
Frank Mizera March/April 2002
Tony Murray - Guitar Man September/October 2002
Nailing It! July/August 2001
Gust Karl Nelow January/February 2000
Patrick O'Hagan May/June 2001
Harris Wild Duck Decoys September/October 2001
The Pattersons of Wellesley Island January/February 2001
Walter Pelzer November/December 2001
Pringle's students March/April 2001
Woodson Roddy September/October 1998
David Schroeder March/April 2001
Joseph Sieger March/April 2000
Teal Decoys of the Susquehana Flats September/October 2001
Bill Towner March/April 2002
Len Tucker January/February 2002
Pat Vincenti March/April 2002
Torry Ward March/April 2002
William Welker January/February 2001
Frank Werner September/October 2001
Hector Whittington May/June 1998
Wildfowler Decoys
Part one of a series
January/February 2001
Wildfowler Decoys
Part two of a series
March/April 2001
Wildfowler Decoys
Part three of a series
May/June 2001
Wildfowler Decoys
Part four of a series
July/August 2001
Wildfowler Decoys
Part five of a series
November/December 1001