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Joseph Sieger
A master craftsman

by David J. Spengler

Joseph Sieger, a master craftsman, was born on May 1, 1871 at his family’s farm in the Wolf River Township of Wisconsin, on the northwest shore of Lake Poygan. Sieger’s parents immigrated to America from Germany prior to the Civil War and settled on an excellent 100 acres of farmland, through which Alder Creek flows gently to the Wolf River and onward into Lake Poygan. Over time the Siegers acquired several hundred more acres of both tillable and marshland that ran behind the homestead, to and along the Wolf River.

Sieger made two fine hunting boxes, paddles, bog skis and other necessary sporting tools. He also made a few outstanding fishing lures and spearing decoys. Each creation reflects his skill and aim for perfection. Sieger died in 1959 at age 88, fortunately leaving a legacy of sporting artifacts that will forever provide testament to his skills and his way of life. Although Sieger only made two or three dozen canvasback drake decoys, all hollow-carved with bottom boards, those regal, proud birds are arguably Wisconsin’s finest.

For the complete story, please see the March/April 2000 issue of Decoy Magazine.

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