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A D V E R T I S I N G   I N F O

Submission Guidelines


  • The magazine is designed using Quark XPress 9.5. Both PC and Mac Quark files are accepted. You can use Quark's "Collect For Output" feature to gather all embedded images or use a third-party program such as FlightCheck.
  • High resolution PDFs are acceptable providing they are saved with the proper settings. All fonts and images must be embedded in the PDF; minimum resolution of 300 dpi and document must be saved as a CMYK color PDF. All compression settings must be set at 'High' to ensure the best quality reproduction.
  • Be sure to include all fonts used in the creation your ad (Mac users: please be sure to include the font resource forks).
  • All images must be named using the standard PC 3-character format. For example: all TIF files should use the .tif file extension (not .tiff). This rule applies to all images (.jpg, .eps, .tif, .bmp). We do not accept .wmf images.
  • Please convert all type to outlines before submitting a vector .eps image.
  • Mail or e-mail digital files for all camera-ready ads. If you require a digital proof, please let us know.
  • We accept files saved on the following media storage: DVD, CDR, FlashPath, SmartMedia and USB portable drives. Please do not submit files on a standard floppy disk.
  • We do not develop and process film unless prior arrangements have been made with the publisher.
  • At the advertiser's request, ad proofs can be faxed or sent via e-mail. When requesting an e-mail proof, please specify if you would prefer your proof to be sent as a jpg image or PDF. Proofs may be sent using a lower resolution of 72 dpi.
  • After receiving your proof, please notify us if you approve the ad or would like to make additions, changes and/or corrections. If we do not receive your changes within 24 hours, your ad will be deemed to be "approved as is".
  • Changes or corrections to your ad must be reported as soon as possible. Please indicate if you would like to see a second proof. Unless requested, we will not send a second proof.
  • Although we take every precaution to avoid typographical errors, it is the ultimate responsibility of the advertiser to proof his/her ad for accuracy. Please review your entire ad thoroughly and completely, even if changes from the previous ad are very minor.
  • All advertising materials must be received by the deadline date. Please make every attempt to submit your ad well before the deadline if it is not camera-ready.


  • Files may be sent as an e-mail attachment if they conform to the following specifications: 1) Attachments must not exceed a total of 5 megs each; 2) all e-mails should be sent to our designer at in_housecreative@msn.com; 3) all other general guidelines are adhered to; 4) all e-mail attachments must be compressed using standard compression applications and are in either a PC or Mac format.
  • We take all available precautions to protect against incoming or outgoing computer viruses. As a rule, we do not open e-mails with attachments unless we are familiar with the sender and are expecting a file atachment. Therefore, it is very important that all e-mails from advertisers mention Decoy Magazine in the subject line of your e-mail to ensure that it is not inadvertently deleted.
  • All e-mail attachments with an .exe, .js or other suspicious file extensions will be immediately deleted.


  • All photographs (B/W or Color) should be scanned at a minimum of 300 dpi, at least 90% of the final printed size (i.e. it can be larger but not smaller than 90%). If you want to use a photograph taken with a digital camera, set the photo size/resolution at the maximum size before shooting. Resize your photograph without resampling; as your photograph reduces in size, the resolution will increase. Note: Changing the resolution without reducing the size of your photo does NOT increase the actual photo resolution.
  • All color photos should be saved as an uncompressed .tif whenever possible. All B/W photos should be saved as grayscale .tif. All Pantone spot colors should be converted to CMYK.
  • PDFs created using the proper settings and image resolutions are acceptable (see specs above).
  • Advertiser accepts full legal responsibility for all photographs and/or images in printed advertising and further guarantees that neither shall infringe on copyright laws. Decoy Magazine requires written permission from the copyright holder in order to reproduce any copyrighted work.
  • Please do not send low-resolution jpgs nor images taken from the web.
  • If you plan to submit a photo in the .jpg format, save it using no compression to avoid excessive noise or pixelation.
  • If a 72 dpi .jpg is all you have available for submission, the following rule applies:

    The final printed photo size will be at no more than 1/3 of the size of the 72 dpi .jpg image that you send to us. For example, if you send a 72 dpi photo that is 9 inches wide, the final printed size can be no larger than 3 inches wide. The final printed images have a resolution of 300 dpi.


  • Line art should be scanned at no less than 800 dpi for images being reproduced at 100%. Crisp black and white images will always reproduce the best.
  • Line art images may be saved in a variety of formats: .tif, bmp, .jpg or .eps. All .jpgs must be saved at the highest quality possible; a quality level of 100% is always best. Black and white images should be saved as a grayscale; color images should be saved as an RGB. Images saved in the .gif format are not acceptable.


  • Please send all e-mail attachments using standard compression (.zip or .rar format from either a PC or Mac). Very large e-mail attachments may be sent back by our email provider; please call or e-mail for instructions if you need to send a very large file.
  • Files sent on external media (CD,DVD, portable drive, etc.) should not be compressed in any manner.




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